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UPDATE: 5/31/2020

We have yet to receive any information about when we will be able to open up from the state. We still hope to be able to run our June 8th class but we will need to get some guidance from the state very soon in order to do so.  We wish we had more information to share with our customers but we don’t at this time. Our Summer classes for Saco and Kennebunk are all full. Portland still has openings.   Thank you for your understanding and patients as we all navigate through these tough times together. 



Now Serving Portland!  Hamilton’s Driving School will be located right across from Deering High School.

Portland Classes


BEST REPUTATION AROUND! We urge you to ask anyone who has gone through drivers education and get recommendations before signing up. We are confident that you will be lead our way! We look forward to seeing your son or daughter in our class soon!

EXTREMELY EFFICIENT AT GETTING STUDENT’S DRIVING LESSONS IN!We are known for getting our students driving done very efficiently. Providing all state requirements are met, our students are usually done with their driving within a week of the last day of class. Many schools don’t start driving until all of the 30 hours of class are finished. We start driving as early as the state laws allow us to. After three classes, we bring our students out on the road. 

HOME PICKUP FOR DRIVING LESSONS- We understand that families are very busy and it can be difficult to bring your son or daughter places. Thats why we pickup our students at their homes (as long as the pickup spot is within a reasonable distance) for the “in car” driving lessons(not the classroom). This is very convenient for parents!

DRIVE DURING STUDY HALLS- We have reached out and received permission from Thornton Academy, Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford High School, Kennebunk High School and now Portland and Deering! For those students with a very busy schedule, this can be a life saver!

GREAT INSTRUCTORS- We pride ourselves on only hiring the right people for this job.  We have patient, well trained and personable instructors!

FUN CLASSES- Our instructors are enthusiastic and fun! We have recently purchased an all new and updated curriculum for our students!

ECO FRIENDLY- We have multiple hybrid vehicles. We use a lot of gas in our business, using some hybrid vehicles will lesson our carbon footprint!

STATE CERTIFIED-We follow the state laws very strictly! They are the ones that license our business

In 2004, Owner Bruce Hamilton, opened a location in Kennebunk. His son Joe went to work for him after getting his college degree and in 2010 we opened another location in Saco. Hamilton’s Driving School has grown to become the busiest driving school in each location and has proudly taught hundreds of students throughout Southern Maine. We attribute that to a few of things. We make sure that every student gets a great driving education. At Hamilton’s Driving School, your son or daughter will learn to control the car, the rules of the road, parallel parking, straight line back, and so on a so forth. WE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT! Also,  it is very important to us that the students are comfortable and enjoying their time. It’s pretty simple, if the students are comfortable and enjoying themselves, THEY WILL LEARN MORE! Our goal is to have the students actually be disappointed once drivers ed is finished because they enjoyed it so much.